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 Welcome to The Magic Cattle Guard Diner


Who We Are

For those that remember, The Magic Cattle Guard was the old cattle guard that separated Sun Peaks from the rest of the world. At that location there was a noticeable difference, a definitive line where the rain turns to snow. The old locals referred to that line as "The Magic Cattle Guard". Across that line, you entered an area where you met laid back, down to earth, fun loving locals. People you may have never before met, but feel like old friends.

That  Cattle Guard has since been removed.

Here at The Magic Cattle Guard Diner we try to recreate that feeling. A step back to the days of old. A place where friends & family can can enjoy a great atmosphere, delicious food and a few drinks. We encourage everyone to embrace the local lifestyle.

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1240 Alpine Road Unit 12, Sun Peaks, BC V0E 5N0, Canada

(250) 578-0853

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Opening Hours

Kitchen & Bar Open

Offseason Hours 7 Nights a Week


Unfortunately because of our size we do not take reservations. But please call down before you intend to visit & we can give you an idea of how busy we are. 

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